Love a Masochist? That's impossible! (Bipper X Reader)

Love a Masochist? That's impossible! (Bipper X Reader)

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You were given a pencil to use in art, little did you know that, that pencil brings what it draws to life. So when you drew Bipper he appeared in you're room, he's here to screw your life over! 

Bipper isn't a demon anymore, you drew him, meaning that all that would come with the drawing is the movement of his body, his intelligence, and his masochist personality. No bill, no dipper. Despite the temptation you don't erase the drawing, which means you're probably insane, because Bipper is obsessed with pain, and sometimes inflicts you with pain as well. 

(Doesn't include a lemon, don't nag me to update, I will update in my own time)

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Badass_Neko Badass_Neko Aug 20, 2017
Omg... OMG!
                              Oops, sorry
NaomiOcasio7 NaomiOcasio7 Dec 17, 2017
Me: Senpais UNITE 
                              My Friend: Oh God Oh Holy Mother Of F***ing Zalgo
Bisexual_Bae Bisexual_Bae Dec 18, 2017
I am a popular girl at my school and I live by the quote: "If it takes a jerk to be famous then I rather be the loser"
Bazooka_Quazy Bazooka_Quazy Nov 25, 2017
                              Cause Of Death: Broken ribs
                              You were always our favorite
Lilophet Lilophet Sep 12, 2017
I would say I want the pencil....but it would be ugly monsters that pop out of my drawing because, I'm PRETTY bad at drawing