One More Time...

One More Time...

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You Cunt By Devil_Spawn Updated Sep 19, 2016

Each month, someone disappears in the Maria area. These disappearances can't be solved, it's like they vanished into thin air. Eren Jeager disappears this month. 

He wakes up in a tunnel, there's a bag in front of him containing clothes, one weapon and a letter. 

Dear #6,437,
You are now apart of our game. There are others here, they may kill you or befriend you. You can either work alone or with others. Watch out for traps. Most are deadly. Keep an eye out for chests and bags, they hold supplies. And one more thing, you are never leaving. 

Signed, T. Colossal.

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anime4822 anime4822 Oct 15, 2016
I have a shitzu
                              He chased me because I told my mom that he was eating stuff out of the trash😐
Eevdeex Eevdeex Oct 13, 2016
What do you get when you mix a bull dog and a shitzu? Kill me
derpy_yoongi derpy_yoongi Nov 30, 2016
Imagine a Shitzu and Bulldog breed. What would you call it? A
Hikaruandkaoru101 Hikaruandkaoru101 Dec 16, 2016
When your principal is in front of you and you almost start cussing but instead you say shitzu honey nut cheerios..........
Eevdeex Eevdeex Oct 13, 2016
Eren: mmmmmmMMMMM
                              Me: Eren did you just.....?
                              Eren: all in my pants.
DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf Feb 24
so before I start this... this is like Hunger Games meets Maze Runner with Attack on Titan characters?