The Royal Deal (On Hold)

The Royal Deal (On Hold)

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Grey By grizzie-grey Updated Apr 08

Charlotte is not your ordinary girl. No ordinary girl has three names and the title Princess at the beginning of their name. But just because she is next in line to the Royal throne, it doesn't mean she has her fun.

Her parents call her Blu -since her favorite color is blue- behind doors, and Blu is a wrecking ball. Her stunts leave her with bruises and cuts, but that doesn't stop her from being a Princess. Outside the Royal doors, she is known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Penelope Mae, the most fashionable girl in her country. Her dresses make everyone jealous and if you didn't know her, you would think she was a spoiled brat. 

A week before her famous 18 birthday, her parents announce that she is getting married to none other than His Royal Highness Prince Ian Matthew Jackson -also known as her worst enemy. He is a player, and doesn't give a crap about Charlotte, so finding out he's engaged to the spoiled Princess sours his mood.

With a deal they make with their parents, they act out their marriage, and deal with more bombshells as the year slowly dwindles down.

Will both Charlotte and Ian stand their marriage until the end of the year, or will they actually fall in love with all the stuff their parents make them do together?

Read on!!!

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RebekahK97 RebekahK97 Jul 02
I swear I read a good chunk of this but there's no vote here ..I think I'll have to go through it and see if there's any later on and find where I was etc lol definitely voting as I go though because I remember enjoying this x
pandalee528 pandalee528 Jan 25
You might be able to break this into two sentences for a better read. 
                              "My bad karma decided to come into play at the moment my body went flying through the air. I fumbled on the landing, falling down on my face and knocking the wind from my lungs."
grizzie-grey grizzie-grey Feb 05, 2016
Yup. Once, I went to a wedding and literally tripped with the heels... My mom saw and she started to laugh at me lol 😁😆
JennyMohawk JennyMohawk Dec 05, 2016
But can I copy your story, repost it as my own and make 100's of pennies?!
Pretty-AndBadass Pretty-AndBadass Nov 20, 2016
When are you going to introduce her as princesse of who knows what country.... I don't even know what fudging country she's the princess of😠😒
                              I loved the chapter, the plot, the characters. I am so curious to find more about it. You have amazing writing skills and a very interesting imagination. I am curious to read more.