He's ours (Taurtis X Sam V.S. Sam X Grian)

He's ours (Taurtis X Sam V.S. Sam X Grian)

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Yuki and Purral the Meifi'wa twins By kittensmama301 Updated Feb 26, 2017

The trio has been best friends for as far as memory takes them. They can't imagine life without being together. Though when Sam gets a scarily real nightmare, he suddenly realizes his feelings for Taurtis. Meanwhile, Taurtis has also realized his feelings for Sam. Grian..? Well, I haven't written that part yet, haha.

Sam is in a love triangle, of which he can't pick over both of his closest friends. Taurtis have a hidden rivalry over Sam, but they could come to an agreement. Who knows? Not me, yet. And defiantly not you, silly thing. You haven't even read yet, so how would ya? 

*This book is a Sam X Taurtis V.S. Sam X Grian\ Taurtis X Sam X Grian. It's a GAY love triangle, so if your homophobic(which I don't understand why people ever are) then you might get triggered here, haha...
*The editing period is over, all the new stuff is completely new instead of remakes! Yay! (edited stuff is super different too, tho :3)

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cringetriggerdfabcat cringetriggerdfabcat Aug 22, 2017
Also I pictured something else like this in my head https://youtu.be/_t0cVN1Wxr0 also ( anime love triangles , audio by ProZD ,animation by ,ZooshiWoshi ) also ye
SamgladiatorFan34 SamgladiatorFan34 May 27, 2016
I'm interested in this so I'll go thru the chapters pretty fast.
ItzChara ItzChara Feb 20, 2017
Ah, I believe it should be "...before the changes..." Not "...before he changes..."