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A Thing Called Us (A Jadine FanFic)

A Thing Called Us (A Jadine FanFic)

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☾ By prettycliche Updated Oct 11, 2016

"I don't even wanna think or talk about it." I said looking down at the floor. We were standing in front of each other only an inch apart.
  "Hey, Nadine look at me," I refused to, until his pointer finger was placed under my chin in order to look at him. I hate having eye contact with this guy but I did anyway, for some odd reason. Looking into his brown eyes, my vision became cloudy filled with tears but I tried not to let it out. I can't do that in front of James, I can't. 
  "Please, just give me a second to talk with you, I won't hurt you, promise." He was soothing his voice down a little which wasn't going to convince me.
  "You hurt me already, James. Remember that last time we saw each other? Yeah, I remember it perfectly. I sat in my room crying, I didn't know what to do. I had so much mix emotions, I was so confused. You don't understand how I was feeling, neither do I. So how do I expect for you to understand? So please, just do me a favor and leave me alone, I have to be somewhere else right now." 
  I walked towards the door to leave until I heard a, "Wait Nadine, what will happen to us?"
  "Oh I remember that, a thing called us. Last time I check, it's on the rocks."
  Join Nadine as her crazy past comes back to her mind. And somehow, the past seems to come back in real life. 
  English FanFiction.
  There may be major editing so watch out for that.
  Note - Their personalities in the story, may not be similar to their's in real life.
  Not the best Jadine fanfic there is, because this is my first time.

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