My Three Stepbrothers (Completed)

My Three Stepbrothers (Completed)

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Bailey is 15 years old and her dad re-marries. But when she finds out her stepbrothers are well known in many ways, what can she do? Will they ever accept her? Will they cross the line? Will these boys make her life miserable?

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My Three Stepbrothers

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If your talking about the one with Tori and the trips then I loved that story and don't mind if it's similar.
I love The 3 Stepbrothers with Tori. Plotline was the best! Hope yours is great too! :)
good_luck33 good_luck33 Jul 14
                              This reminds me of My Three Stepbrothers.....
                              Oh wait I am reading it!
Yeahhh,,.3-stepbrothers was  realy good story...hope this is different story of it...although the sinopsis realy alike..
They might be talking about this one:
                              idk, they're kind of similar but I'm not sure because it's been forever since I've read either