Makiplier Smut/Jacksepticeye Smut/Pewdiepie Smut

Makiplier Smut/Jacksepticeye Smut/Pewdiepie Smut

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Briana By Aoba_Moon3322 Updated Apr 17

(This is a warning for you readers this has no intent arouse anyone so please don't be so childish and all that so anyway this will have spelling errors and all that bad stuff so once again don't act two years old if you get offended about anything you've been warned. Also if you aren't 18 and older that's fine we do not control you so enjoy this story thanks.) This is written by a huge pervert for perverts.

                             Also before 
You and your friends were going too the pool and you ran into Markiplier and then later you all went too the pool and ran into them.
                                 Later on
You and some friends of yours go to pax prime to meet some favorite youtubers of yours and then you all got separated because of some fans of yours then you walk back trying to find them and then someone turns the light out and touches you shoulder and then it all began.

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