Silence Of The Rain || Gaara X Naruto

Silence Of The Rain || Gaara X Naruto

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SilenceofSlytherin By SilenceofSlytherin Updated Aug 04

**Previously known as Fire & Ice**

Gaara never understood why Naruto was so persistent on changing him. After everyone else had turned their back on him Naruto never did. Was it because Naruto was just like him? One and the same, But the more he tried to find an answer the more he ended up find himself.

When dreams seem to end up reality and things happen that you can't take back, can you really make a way with it when one barely knows who he is?

Can love really conquer all and make one forget? Can two people who are so similar, yet almost complete opposites make a love that works together?

*Disclaimer: I do not own the anime Naruto. I do not own any characters. All I take credit for is the story line. Also the characters may by OOC.*

Gaara : Ima gay boiiiii
                              Kankuro : Waking me up for this?Tell me something i dont knowzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
*falls of bed laughing* 
                              Mom: wtf it's 12:35 AM!
                              Me: *runs off with computer* I NEED TO FINISH THIS TONIGHT
Didn't know they had batteries yet...... Or tv......... Or bunnies with drums
Ahahaha energizer bunny on drugs pfff ahahahahahahahahahahah
mimoo13 mimoo13 Aug 05
My mind
                              kankuro: I don't see my self as a brother to gaara but more of a comforting blanket that helps him through the sleepless nights
Love feels like........ummm..........yeah i never truely knew........