Kitten! (Blossick AU)

Kitten! (Blossick AU)

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With Hybrids considered as a hated race, people shunned them from the world. Even much as killing the people who kept them in their house. But Brick knew what happened, since his life changed whenever his father kept an hybrid in their home. But he met someone new.

Someone who will change his life forever.


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NyancatSuperstar NyancatSuperstar Dec 23, 2017
So their treated like a peasant who started the black plague?
NyancatSuperstar NyancatSuperstar Dec 23, 2017
I'm always shunned out by some girls in my school, the only time they notice me is when they want to pick on someone
Animallover1898 Animallover1898 Feb 06, 2016
THAT WAS ADORABLE💖💖💖💞💓💘❤💚💛💙💜😍😍
MoonDust19 MoonDust19 Feb 06, 2016
AWWW! So kawaii!! This is chapter is difficult to put into words of how good it is.
JeanetteArton JeanetteArton Feb 04, 2016
Amazing like always! Wonder who else is a hybrid. You are awesome.
MoonDust19 MoonDust19 Feb 06, 2016
For a first impression for the story it is amazing!😁 Keep up the good work.