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Falling For My Best Friend - #Aarmau

Falling For My Best Friend - #Aarmau

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~Ginja And Nylo~ By GinjaNewgPlaZ8 Updated Mar 25

"I'm in love... I can't stop thinking about him. When we smile, or even cry, I realize that I can't live without him... and looking back on our history, I wouldn't change a thing. Because of the past, we are who we are today. And I wouldn't change who I am. Because if I did...

He wouldn't be in my life."


Hello, and welcome to my Aphmau fanfiction! I will warn you, this is a #Aarmau story, therefore, if you don't like #Aarmau, I recommend not reading. This trys to match as closely to the MyStreet/Love~Love Paradise storyline, so it may take a while for chapters to be uploaded based on story developments and what I have to work with.

Shout out to @GinjaXNinja8, co-owner of this WattPad, for some of these ideas. ;)

Aphmau's WattPad:

All characters (and most of this books story unless we get a brilliant, original idea) belong to Aphmau, not us. Make sure you check out her channel, "Aphmau" to watch her series! ;)

This story is awesome keep writing I hope you don't mind if I use this story to inspire some parts in my own fan fiction I'll make sure that people know u created them keep writing bye 👋🐺
ahhhhhhhhh FANGIRLING for dayyyyyyyyyys maaaaaaaaate!!!!!!!!
Yep that pun was very aphmazing! I think olive the puns are punny! It ain't no sea~cret! K....I TRY to stop.. #PUNZ4LYFE
LPSLover07 LPSLover07 Mar 21's called an "Aarmau" fanfic for a reason!!!😂🤐
AARMAUFAN1000 AARMAUFAN1000 Oct 28, 2016
I am reading this at 1:59am and woke everyone in the house up fangirling
                              aaron sounds like aaron from mystreet. and aphmau is aphmau.