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Falling For My Best Friend - #Aarmau

Falling For My Best Friend - #Aarmau

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~Ginja And Nylo~ By GinjaNewgPlaZ8 Updated Jan 05

"I'm in love... I can't stop thinking about him. When we smile, or even cry, I realize that I can't live without him... and looking back on our history, I wouldn't change a thing. Because of the past, we are who we are today. And I wouldn't change who I am. Because if I did...

He wouldn't be in my life."


Hello, and welcome to my Aphmau fanfiction! I will warn you, this is a #Aarmau story, therefore, if you don't like #Aarmau, I recommend not reading. This trys to match as closely to the MyStreet/Love~Love Paradise storyline, so it may take a while for chapters to be uploaded based on story developments and what I have to work with.

Shout out to @GinjaXNinja8, co-owner of this WattPad, for some of these ideas. ;)

Aphmau's WattPad:

All characters (and most of this books story unless we get a brilliant, original idea) belong to Aphmau, not us. Make sure you check out her channel, "Aphmau" to watch her series! ;)

LittlePippy33 LittlePippy33 Jul 22, 2016
You're falling for her, and according to her thoughts, she'll catch you when you land
                              aaron sounds like aaron from mystreet. and aphmau is aphmau.
Boneybones Boneybones May 25, 2016
Thinking about Aaron * makes googley eyes* AHHHH! No ZANE PLEASE I DIDN'T MEAN IT!
Thatonelamegirl1 Thatonelamegirl1 Nov 11, 2016
I need to binge read this a couple times to make me feel better about MCD 😢
Akahorse Akahorse May 16, 2016
This is by far the best Aarmau story I've read, and it's only the first chapter!