My Mafia Husband {ManxBoy} [Complete]

My Mafia Husband {ManxBoy} [Complete]

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🦄Beatrice🦄 By lostboys_lostgirls Completed


18 year old, Liam Spencer's life changes drastically when a sexy, mysterious man shows up to take him away from his parents. He discovers his parents debt and how it had to be paid with his life. But Liam isn't succumbing without a fight. 

25 year old mafia boss, Enzo Di Mercurio, gladly takes Liam as his own, but soon realizes that taming this feisty boy will take more than just his physical strength. He will have to use and discover emotions he didn't even realize he had. 

With pasts coming back to haunt Enzo and inner demons haunting Liam these two, although they would never admit it, need each other more now than ever.


The lovely cover was made by @xXAwkward_BoyXx

  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
  • mafia
  • manxboy
  • romance
  • thriller
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Nov 02
Oh.🙂. What language. Pretty sure that’s English. Unless you speak AHEM “Greek”
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Nov 02
Oooh 😏😉. We’re still on the 8th paragraph y’all.  Take it easy and slow. 🌚🌝
BookMammoth BookMammoth Jun 24
Wattpad has made me want to meet a mafia boss but I have a feeling that they don't measure up to fictional characters 😂
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Nov 02
Why you say 🤔. Hmm. Lets see. 
                              Guys. I think I just found something. 😱. These parents secretly have a Wattpad account and knew that people like this kind of shīt
I would be mad af. Like if you were going to sell my ass the least you could've done was told me so I at least didn't have to start the damn homework!!!
GreyAzusa GreyAzusa Sep 15
Why tf your name sound like you a mexican guy that happens to have a food truck's son's best friend's fake cousin