Music to my ears (Hikaru x reader)

Music to my ears (Hikaru x reader)

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(Y/N), a prodigy if you will, is one of the most talented female musicians in Japan currently. Although that sounds amazing, the stress of paparazzi and nosey fans can be devastating, which is why you decide to begin attending Ouran with your band.

Little did you know that this one simple action would change how your life played out, and it all started with the name of a boy called 'Hikaru'. 


Megan is me. I hate wearing dresses and skirts and I like motorcycles and can't stand pink.
Pandafan007 Pandafan007 Dec 23, 2016
I would have slapped him so hard, 3 of his tooth would come out.....
BruhItzMarissa BruhItzMarissa Oct 01, 2016
Rose_The_Wolf_1 Rose_The_Wolf_1 Dec 27, 2016
Huh. That's never happened before 😂 then again a cheerleader knows my name after us never talking but I don't know who the hell she is 😅 don't know what category that would place me in
bootifulSquid bootifulSquid 3 days ago
I was secretly hoping she would choke on them and be like "tf"
Pandafan007 Pandafan007 Dec 23, 2016
Me: Ok Grell, come out from behind the curtains... I know your here
                              Grell: NO IM NOT!
                              Me: Oh, Sebby, you are so fascinating
                              Grell: *jumps out from behind curtains* NO, HE IS MIIIIIIINE!