Music to my ears (Hikaru x reader)

Music to my ears (Hikaru x reader)

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Shenpai By dis_lazy_otaku Completed

(Y/N), a prodigy if you will, is one of the most talented female musicians in Japan currently. Although that sounds amazing, the stress of paparazzi and nosey fans can be devastating, which is why you decide to begin attending Ouran with your band.

Little did you know that this one simple action would change how your life played out, and it all started with the name of a boy called 'Hikaru'. 


I wouldn't either, Megan. I hate dresses and skirts. TOMBOY FO LIFE
Angels_101 Angels_101 Jun 20
                              I like how everyone is saying 'i smell ship.' Or 'I feel a ship coming.'
                              And im like what his slapping her with a broom and calling her a "bitch" 😂😂
                              Im dead! 😂😂
Vsqz08 Vsqz08 Jul 14
I know how they were created! Since Tamaki likes to go into a corner and grow mushrooms, he had so many, he could make UGLY ASS YELLOW MUSHROOM DRESSES.
Diamond_Ore Diamond_Ore Jun 13
OMG that would be my reaction if I was going to wear The Ouran girls uniform X'D I'd rather  crossdress than wear that horrible Uniform! Lol sorry...
Sounds like a warrior cat Clan name. It should've been called: Moonlit Black Cats. After the guild in SAO
is it a bad thing that I choose Ciel Phantomhive.... IM MENTIONED plus it's my nickname so I can use it