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Another Dunbar - Brett talbot

Another Dunbar - Brett talbot

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emily_newman By emilynewman1234 Updated Jan 28

Jo has been with Brett since pre-school and now they are in high school. Devon ford prep to be exact. Jo has many experiences with Brett's former girlfriends but she has never had a boyfriend of her own. Yes she has had he first kiss. But it was typical or cliché. It was just a kiss to her. 

As you can probably tell Jo isn't any normal teen that struggles through everyday life. No. She has to deal with looking after her younger brother. By the way her younger brother Liam, has anger issues. It doesn't end well for them either. When they both move to beacon hills after Liam's "accident"  things go from bad to worst!

RaekensBeta RaekensBeta Dec 07, 2016
Me too. Me and my Half-brother don't get along all that well. But we're getting better.
PurpleFlower5556 PurpleFlower5556 Aug 11, 2016
That happened to me at the play ground except I didn't enjoy it, the kid pushed me down on the steps to the equipment, and he was hideous and had snot running. Down. His. Nose. Teachers didn't so anything about it..... I didn't lick my lips for a ywar. Literally
RaekensBeta RaekensBeta Dec 07, 2016
I'm a daddy's girl so I call my dad, daddy and my mom, well, mom. Lol. And I'm 15.
Dj_beauty14 Dj_beauty14 Feb 13
It's Shawn MendeS not Shawn MendeZ  not trying to be rude our anything I just hate it when people spell his name wrong this is the real me and again not trying to be rude