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Senpai Jade By Redd_Night Updated Dec 09, 2017

Danny Fenton's eyes snapped open as blue mist poured from his mouth. 
His icy blue eyes scanned the room for potential threats, but he saw none.

Danny frowned and blinked, reopening his now glowing green eyes.

"Dani? Clockwork?" he questioned.

The time ghost chuckled and faded into visibility. 

"It seems that you have gotten better at sensing my arrival." 


Danny's had a few problems in the past few weeks. You know, the usual 'Come with me child, you are the new ghost king' problems. When he comes back to the human realm, everyones acting weird. Rumors are going around...But Danny just doesn't know what...

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EchoInsanity EchoInsanity Aug 20, 2017
My eyes are this gray/really light blue/silver color. It's strange
greenpandi2004 greenpandi2004 Dec 30, 2017
What? did he take a shower with very expensive shampoo and conditioner, then blow dry it?
Chelsm111 Chelsm111 Sep 21, 2016
I need a picture of this 
                              I bet he looks totally hot 
                              I'm (almost) straight for him
Pegasister60 Pegasister60 Dec 04, 2016
FINALLY!!! You've needed a wardrobe change since forever ago!
Chelsm111 Chelsm111 Sep 21, 2016
Danny phantom X hot Danny phantom 
                              WHERE ARE MY FICS 
                               IM SURE I CAN FIND SOMETHING
Ghost_girl08 Ghost_girl08 Jan 22, 2017
I wonder what he would look like if someone drew him in ghost and human form