Book 3: The Forgotten Past of The Earthling Saiyan. (Dragon Ball Z)

Book 3: The Forgotten Past of The Earthling Saiyan. (Dragon Ball Z)

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Rated T for stronger violence and stronger language.

"You see, three years later in the 12th of May... around 10 am... it's when they appear to make themselves known." Shadow figures float through his vision, destroying cities around them. "These guys... they were created by The Red Ribbon Army."

"Let me guess. Dr. Gero is up with the "take over the world" thing again?"

"I'm not too sure of that." The teen replies. "You guys had humanity near extinction. His goal switched to ruling what's left so that he can create a world of bionic people. The only problem was... you were in the way. He created two powerful androids that are complete monsters. Merciless, relentless... heartless Duo... and it was all thanks to Bulma who built and programmed them."

"Wait... Bulma built those guys?!" Kakarot asks.
After the tyranny of Frieza and Cold had ended, the Saiyans still have other issues. One thing is clear; The Humans are through and had enough with them. Goku is left to deal with a new threat that is closer to home. Bulma has gone mad, and a mysterious boy from the future warns him about the Humans' retaliating androids that might just put an end to the Saiyans.

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Hey @Espeon804 this is @johncenalives but they kicked me out of my account so I just wanted to say keep on doing an amazing job
Espeon804 Espeon804 Sep 05, 2016
You have no idea how funny this was. Kakarot rarely uses that word. Raditz uses it regularly. XD
Espeon804 Espeon804 Sep 05, 2016
This was hilarious. Imagine Sean Schemmel in the booth screaming those words out.