The Pipe Fox of Konohagakure (Kakashi Love Story) (DISCONTINUED)

The Pipe Fox of Konohagakure (Kakashi Love Story) (DISCONTINUED)

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Terra By KissOfLove Updated May 21, 2016

The Kudakitsune or Pipe Fox is a yokai/demon/spirit that dwells in a pipe. They are spirits destined to serve their fated master until their master dies and they have to find a new one.   

Meet Hayashi Tsubame, she is one of them and her power is very great among the yokai of the 'dark' side. She is a pipe fox with nine tails which is seemingly rare among pipe foxes.                  

Who her fated master is?                  

Out of all the people in the world........she ended up with Hatake Kakashi, a Jounin of Konohagakure. However, even though others may say that he is a pervert and a lazy jounin who's usually late and makes lame excuses, she doesn't regret him being her fated master.                  

How the story ends you ask?             

Well, you're going to have to read this story then.   

~Disclaimer~ I do not own NARUTO, Kishimoto Masashi does. I only own Tsubame and other OCs that will appear in the story. Also, I do not own whatever character that appears here which are from different animes or manga.

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Asuna_Oblivion Asuna_Oblivion Jun 02, 2016
My first reaction: The Nara clan's having a picnic or something?
ElisaTapales ElisaTapales Oct 31, 2016
Cause she's your soon to be wife. And seriously you need to get married kakashi sensei, your not getting younger any longer
- - Dec 06, 2015
Random Person: I need a million in cash, some food to last years, clothes that are super stylish and expensive, and a house that is bigger than this place with an underground lair where I can store my weapons that I can use to kill everyone here.
                              Hokage: Sure.
YoongiJungKookie YoongiJungKookie Oct 06, 2015
I feel like he would have a bored expression and not think about what hes asking or he wouldbjust have a fake eye closed smile then walkvaway bored or annoyed
YoongiJungKookie YoongiJungKookie Oct 06, 2015
I hope this doesnt sound wrong but i love relation ships when the guy is older than the girl like i lobe student x teacher levi or student x kakashi...
YoongiJungKookie YoongiJungKookie Oct 06, 2015
THESE WORDS THOUGH!!!! you the first person i reads storys that spell all if it right