Fifth Harmony Texts❤️

Fifth Harmony Texts❤️

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jess x By jesslouiseb Updated Aug 27

Dinah added Normani, Ally, Camila And Lauren to a group chat. 

Mila✨: What's the need of this? 

Laur🙈: Yeah seriously Dinah? 

Dinah😍: I thought it could be fun? 

Mani👑: How could this be fun babe? 

Ally💜: Babe? Mani get in there girl! 

Mani👑: I didn't mean it like that it's a habit. 😳😳 

Laur🙈: Someone's blushing.😂 

Mila✨: Also, someone's gone quiet😂 

Dinah😍: sorry I was getting changed, what did I miss? ❤️ 

Ally💜: look up the chat, boo😂❤️ 

Laur🙈: 😂😂😂 

Dinah😍: awwww mani that's cute, but let's be honest that isn't the first time you've 'accidentally' called me babe, babe. 

Mila✨: ohhhh, EXPOSED! 😂 

Laur👑: Camz stop I can't breath.😂 

Ally💜: it's cute seeing all for of you flirt but, I have to record my part of Worth It so brb? 

Laur🙈: bye 'babe ' 😂 

Mila✨: bye ally 😂😂 

Dinah😍: bye ally ❤️ 

Laur 🙈: where's mani?? 

Dinah😍: most probably blushing somewhere because I called her babe😂😂❤️ 

Laur🙈: that's so cute, you two are so cute!! 😍👑✨ 

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Lil-Oti Lil-Oti Apr 19
That picture tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
For all of y'all who don't know, "banta" is when you joke around with someone. For example," I didn't actually mean that you're a bîtch, it was only a bit of banta!" 💁🏼💅🏼