Armani suits and sweet Music.Short story.

Armani suits and sweet Music.Short story.

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The Drama Queen By RioneHB13 Completed

Daniel Bowman a hot, 32 year old C.E.O of Bowman industries in New York, has never been one who had the time for woman or parties, his job was way more important to him. Living on his father's legacy, being a billionaire had it's perks, but still Daniel always felt as though something was missing. But he never paid attention to it or to clingy woman. Yes, Daniel loved his family, being his only sister and younger brother who both had something he hoped was in the future fore him, his very own family.

What happens when Daniel works late at night and clicks on the wrong You Tube video? When he finds a young girl's voice so addictive he wants more, he wants her.

Belle Parker, a beautiful 21 year old music student at Trinity Collage in London, a very 'keep to myself' kind of girl. She always had one love and that was music. At the age of 19, Belle moved to London to pursuit her dreams. She never had anyone to care for her. Went through school by being bullied, dad was always with another woman and mom died of cancer when Belle just turned 13. But never once had that got in the way of finding a way to be happy. Never been kissed or had a boyfriend. So what happens when her video blog reaches 1 million followers? And will she pick up the phone when hot billionaire calls?

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5 hours?? Really?? I thought our parents taught us not to speak to strangers at all smh.