Blood Diamonds [URBAN Y.A.]

Blood Diamonds [URBAN Y.A.]

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Melancholy Madness ✗❤O By NinaPoohXO Updated Apr 06, 2017

"Carter! Put the gun down!" she screamed.

The tears were streaming down my face as I pressed the steel 9 millimeter to my right temple. I'm trapped in a life of evil. Death is the only escape. Where I'm from, if you 'Blood In,' you can only 'Blood Out.'

"Carter please don't do this. I love you," she said through heartbreaking tears. "We'll get through this together. I promise I'll never leave you."

Her speech forced so much emotion from my inner gut. How could a woman so beautiful end up with a savage thug like me? I ain't good at nothing but running these streets. I love her with everything I have. 

I could still hear the ambulance sirens outside my window. No doubt they were still scraping his bloody body off of the ground. The thought alone caused more tears to fill my eyes. How can he be gone like this? 

"Give me the gun," she said.

I didn't oblige. The gun stayed pressed on my temple.

"Carter, give me the gun!" 

Before she could say another word, I closed my eyes tightly, feeling the warm tears run down my face. My fingers began touching the trigger as I prepared to shoot. I took a deep breath before...

CLICK! the gun sounds.

"Carter! No!" she screams.

I'll always love her -- my Blood Diamond.

Carter Jackson is fighting to protect & provide for his family as he struggles to survive in the ruthless ghettos of Los Angeles. As a member of the notorious street gang, The Bloods, every day he lives is a challenge to survive. When he finally finds love in his hometown best friend, Amanda Nicole, she vows to ride for him through these streets of violence. But when their first child is born, the struggle climaxes and all hell breaks loose. 

This coming-of-age story is between two teens who live dangerously in love while struggling through murder, drugs, lust, and poverty. Will Carter survive these streets? How much is a Blood Diamond truly worth? 

The real answer is buried in this dramatic love story. || Starring: Lucas Coly x Jacy Jordan.

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