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❦Claude❦ By ThatBitchClaude Completed

I request these things if your reading this:

Do NOT complain about the ship (please)
Do not comment about the way the characters are shown, I'm writing this so I can express the way I see and like this ship
Respect the time I write these, creativity takes time =^-^=

I hope you all enjoy this story (although It's fan fiction)

All character in this belong to Undertale by Toby Fox.

Wizardpig02 Wizardpig02 Jul 28
I say that was a call from everybody's favorite stalker King Asgore and if Sans finds out well he is in for a bad time.
He thinks he squeals like fangurl in his mind but he is actually in screaming like a fangurl out loud
I don't think I want to be shot in a hoop over and over again. 
                              I know it's suppose to be GET DUNKED ON!!!! but seriously everyone will say that in the comments.
The image of sans screaming like a little girl is forever burned into my memory... it's a good image.
baby_toriel baby_toriel Nov 12
This made me want to jumo into this timeline disguised as sans and propose to tori right there and then sans would be like BITCH DAFUQ
This reminded me of anime and anime reminds me of Dr. Alphyls
                              I'm sorry if I spelled her name wrong.