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❦Elijah❦ By Axl_The_Salt_Brick Completed

I request these things if your reading this:

Do NOT complain about the ship (please)
Do not comment about the way the characters are shown, I'm writing this so I can express the way I see and like this ship
Respect the time I write these, creativity takes time =^-^=

I hope you all enjoy this story (although It's fan fiction)

All character in this belong to Undertale by Toby Fox.

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JasonThePokefan JasonThePokefan Nov 03, 2017
Papyrus You!............ Huh....... Sans Doesn't Have Any Genitals So............
Ando_Stain Ando_Stain Sep 07, 2017
God damn it Asswhore. Stay out of Tori's life. YOU GUYS HAD A F*CKIN DIVORCE!!!!!
- - Aug 05, 2017
*don't usually curse but...
                              Assgore stay away from Soriel you pile o crap. *holds up rocket launcher*
SamGamer_1542 SamGamer_1542 Aug 12, 2017
Frisk holy crap this has gone too far i know you ship it and i do too but for the sake of your sanity i will not send lenny faces
Koykoy_ONLY Koykoy_ONLY Sep 30, 2017
Hah, funny.
                              In the game, Sans actually put up a much harder fight than Asgore...
                              And it was never proven that Sans only has 1HP, so I guess thats fanon?