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Percy Jackson - Assassin of the Sun

Percy Jackson - Assassin of the Sun

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Stregger By Stregger Updated Jul 05

When the Fates  cast their spell during the final battle against Tartarus and Ourea, they turned back time to just before the second Giant war. And the worst part? Nobody remembers a thing. To them, Annabeth never broke Percy's heart, and he never asked the gods to die. And Percy never became the Guardian of the Hunt.

But somethings will never change, it seems that Annabeth and Percy were never meant to be together. It seems that no matter how they get to that point, Annabeth always breaks Percy's heart.

And what about the path they had? Has it been completely erased from everyone's minds? Or does somebody have the ability to see what was going to be?

But since the Fates decided to change past, or now known as the future, what happens when...

During the millennia since Apollo was born. He was always secretly jealous of his older sister, Artemis. Though he would never admit it, he knew she was older than him. Apollo was jealous that she had friends who weren't gods, that could also live for thousands of years without ageing. He was jealous that she had the Hunt.

Whenever he was alone with his father he would beg to create a group of boys like the Hunt. The answer was always "no", for fear that the two groups would clash.

Finally, after millennia of asking, with the answer always being "no". After the final battle in the second Giant war Apollo finally receives what he had always been asking for, and the first recruit would be the savior of Olympus himself, Perseus Achilles Jackson.

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO, and the idea of this story was given to me by Riptide_Xxx.

Ldazzle_YT Ldazzle_YT Jun 25
You took giant glowing warrior idea from the cane chronicles. Which are also by Rick Riordan
Honestly tho, Poseidon's the god of the sea. GOD 
                              He don't need to be near water at all to summon it
Greekfreek1 Greekfreek1 Sep 01, 2016
that was great but i hope that you plane to have the orginal timeline back or i swear to the Styx you will die somehow wheather by me or natuarul causes youll die XD jokes but seriously i hope it does go back to the orginal
sasuke4545 sasuke4545 Dec 01, 2016
You do not own Percy Jackson's Olympians, but do you own Percy Jackson, hmmmm?
YaoiGoddess005 YaoiGoddess005 Oct 06, 2016
I could imagine someone reading only the first series of PJO and then they read a fanfiction with PJO & HOO and they're just like 'wtf, his life depended on a stick?'
SharenGanesh SharenGanesh Sep 24, 2016
Wow cool
                              This way u can create a new story while it is the sucessor of another
                              This is cool