Translock (Teenlock Fanfic)

Translock (Teenlock Fanfic)

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Sherlock knew he was different. Considering he used to be a woman. But somedays are better (or worse) than others, balancing between his hormone injections and drugs. 

John prefers to live a bit more on the dangerous side of life and London. But little does anyone know that he's the soft one of the family, taking care of his abused mother and sister while getting beat on a daily basis by his drunkard of a father.

A one night stand later, John denies anything between the two as they both start feeling the same angered thoughts and wonders if they just made a huge mistake and, if anything, take it back. Or if it's too late for anything to be taken back.

But now more than ever, they'll need to stick together and heal each other's hidden scars in the process. 

Realizing that sometimes the worst in each other can make the best.

All rights go to Moffat and Gatiss, I do not own any of these characters!
I also do not own this awesome artwork!

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Iwannadaddy Iwannadaddy Dec 20, 2017
I'm hysterical because just imagine john, short bean John attacking Anderson *snorts*
theendofera theendofera Apr 14, 2016
I think this johnlock has the potential to be your best one yet.
holmessexual holmessexual Oct 28, 2016
Whyy?? I hate you Anderson!
                              Don't bully him, he's a cute cinnamon roll!
theendofera theendofera Apr 14, 2016
Yes. But you would need emotional turmoil and character development (on both sides) in order to make it work.
JessicaParrish21 JessicaParrish21 May 13, 2016
Nice poor Sherly almost got hurt but damn u made John sound hot hehe
theendofera theendofera Feb 07, 2016
I'd like some John. But mostly Sherlock. However if you post it I'll read anything.