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The DM  J.S.

The DM J.S.

22.9K Reads 476 Votes 12 Part Story
I cri By twirlsandswirls Updated Feb 01

Roxy is just a normal teenage girl, who loves Jacob Sartorious. She has been trying to get his attention for months and months on end. What happens when she she finally gets what she wants? Will the fans disapprove? Will she crack under all the pressure? Will she let the threats, comments, and dirty looks get the best of her?

Hi, I'm Snow. This is my book (obvi) and if I used any of your pictures. I'm truly, very sorry I didn't know they were yours. Pls don't hate me! Also, please don't copy my book! If so, I will find out where you live, hunt you down, AND ask you nicely to delete your story or re-write it!

intenseselman intenseselman Nov 21, 2016
my class would have been like" ewwwwwwwwwww  jacob saggytits"
That's weird cause that happened to me...
                              But I have 3 phones for a reason. If one dies I get the other whole the other 2 are charging.
I thought this book was gonna be as shitty as most JS fanfics(no offence if you wrote one)But BOY,WAS I WRONG!So far,this is the best JS fanfic in WATTPAD and less cringey.Keep it up,girl
MsH222 MsH222 Jun 12, 2016
You are probably one of the funnies authors I've come across. Are you a comedian? XD