The Forgotten Vampire (Vampire Knight)

The Forgotten Vampire (Vampire Knight)

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Royal Kuran is a pureblood vampire. She is the younger sister of Kaname, by 1 year, and the older sister of Yuki.
She had a curse by Rido, that everytime she used her powers, her family would not remeber her. One night, Rido attacked, and Royal lost her memories, and disappeared. 
Royal grew up as a vampire hunter and attends Cross Academy to hunt Level E vampires for Headmaster Cross. 
She soon meets Kaname and Yuki, again.
What will happen?

The Forgotten Vampire Book 1

This is my first book, which is probably horrible

RebelMist RebelMist 3 days ago
Ok at least she didn't get into her business but still don't like her