The Alpha's Rogues (boyXboy)

The Alpha's Rogues (boyXboy)

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Phantom By PhantomSlayer Updated May 11, 2017

(Sequel to His Duty or His Alpha)

Caelum's got a few years of freedom before he takes up being alpha of the sane rogue pack named after his father Jaspers old pack Pariko's.  Instead of staying home and finding a beta to be by his side he chooses to go traveling to complete one goal that no one wants to do anymore. 

He wants to find out why.  Why did Nate stop supporting everyone? Why did Dorlani abandon their alpha and beta? Why did everything happen the way it did? And most importantly. Why does the council hate anyone who associates themselves with rogues whether crazy or sane? 

What will Caelum pick up on his way to having all the info he needs for when hes alpha? What secrets lie behind all the questions? And will the packs to the north who have stopped following the council be able to continue on with the lives they once lived after everything is revealed?

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LarveeJ LarveeJ Oct 17, 2016
You used however way too much but i hope the rest of the story isn't going to be like that..