The alpha kings little mate

The alpha kings little mate

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twerp By 123twerp Updated Jul 27, 2017

"Tsk tsk Bella, do you wanna make me mad" Zack hissed
I shook my head violently. I didn't want another beating today. I'm weak, but I won't give them the satisfaction they want for hurting or touching me.
"Well then, take off your shirt bitch and lay down on your back" he said while leaning against the cell bars.
I backed up a little scared of what he might do. Sam, Cody, TJ, and Max already touched and beat me, wasn't that enough.

"Now you slut" he screamed coming closer.
I stated to take the large shirt that went to my knees and pulled it off me slowly when I heard a crash. I looked up quick, but got light headed for moving so fast. I started to sway when I heard growling. I got super scared. I looked around the small dungeon to see a giant about 6'8 stalking towards me. He had power reeking off of him. I cowered down in the corner as I heard him growl "MINE". Then everything went black

Bella Pipper was only five years old when she was kidnapped by rogues. She is from the blue light pack and the runt of the pack, but also the alphas daughter. She doesn't speak, she hasn't spoke since she was nine and now she is 16. She knows about mates and all that blah blah, but thinks she won't get to meet her soul mate, her protector, or her life. Little does she know she is mated to the alpha king beast.

Alpha King Jaxon is a beast. Some packs think he shouldn't be the king because he is ruthless, arrogant, rude, loves to kill, love no one and nothing. He is 22. Jax always wanted a mate, but didn't think he would find his because of how he is.

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petite98 petite98 May 13, 2017
This story is really good.
                              And it is well constructed.
                              Please keep writing it please
Safa7Zaynab Safa7Zaynab Sep 18, 2017
My first werewolf book was random and yet it wasn't so bad so I doubt yours will be bad at all
Safa7Zaynab Safa7Zaynab Sep 18, 2017
Jesus crist! Don't go around areas trying to own people 'giant'
LoverofantasyX LoverofantasyX Mar 09, 2016
Purrfect beginning.
                              6'8? OMG I want to see how tall that is... o.o
KandaceFisher3 KandaceFisher3 Feb 20, 2016
It is ok. You just keep doing your best at what you do writing. Hey nobody's perfect for what they do. I am happy to say that I am already starting to like your book:)
LoverofantasyX LoverofantasyX Mar 09, 2016
Purrfect beginning.
                              6'8? OMG I want to see how tall that is... o.o