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Wings of Freedom Creepypasta X Reader

Wings of Freedom Creepypasta X Reader

40K Reads 1.3K Votes 14 Part Story
฿₳₦Đ ₲ɆɆ₭ By LostKilljoy_ Completed

Y/n L/n life was pretty normal. Loving parents, best friend, lives on the Internet. But, one day, when she walks in on a conversation she wasn't supposed to hear, things take a turn for the worst, or is it the best?

me: *looks at title* what's AOT/SNK doing in creepypasta *continues reading the title and summary* uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.......... I've been TRIGGED!!!!!!!!!
Blood_Death_Moon Blood_Death_Moon Dec 28, 2016
If i have a tattoo like that i would like to put it on my back shoulder blade
DerpyDaphneIsDerpy DerpyDaphneIsDerpy Oct 16, 2016
Y/N: Mia
                              L/N: Blue
                              F/N: Mia Luna Blue
                              F/C: Any tone of blue (MOSTLY PASTEL)
                              F/S: Pocky
                              F/B: Panic! At The Disco (I love that band really)
                              M/N: Melody
                              D/N: Harold
                              H/C: Blonde 
                              E/C: Ice blue
                              H/L: Long. Pretty long.
ravengoesmissing ravengoesmissing Sep 28, 2016
L/n = Widow F/n = Raven Juniper Widow F/c = Any Blue Or Pastel F/s = Sweets F/b = Panic! At The Disco  M/n = Luna D/n = Hawthorne H/c = DARK Blue/ Always Has A Rose In Hair  E/c = One Dark Green One Ice Blue  H/l = To Butt
                              F/n:KeyChain Is Locket
                              F/b:Set it off
                              H/c:Black and white
                              E/c:one purple and one white
                              H/l:ankle length
queennight13 queennight13 Aug 29, 2016
My name raeona
                              My last name Jackson 
                              My full name is raeona lyiah Jackson
                              Favorite color is pink
                              Favorite snack pretzels 
                              Favorite band is fifth harmony 
                              My mom name is latoya makinzie brown
                              Dads name is Nathan Jacob Jackson Jr.