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Warrior Cars (nyoom) By paipaiwa Updated 3 days ago

Sans X Reader
May have slow updates
Not the greatest
Papyrus and others are also human form
*Alphy's, papyrus, undyne(kinda?), flowey, toriel, asgore, mettaton will stay a robot*

Did you actually put Garry as the cover instead of and actual sans picture
QueenFudgeMuffinz QueenFudgeMuffinz Jul 13, 2016
Cool, for me I just slap the first thing that comes to mind on the tablet so I have crap stories
Lazy_to_write1 Lazy_to_write1 Nov 19, 2016
WOW a huge montage right on one house for no such reason the break it then to knock it down XD
jyushitmatsu jyushitmatsu Mar 19, 2016
I'm enjoying this story more than I could.. Human Sans and Garry from Ib as the cover!
Hmm, jock, nerd, mr and mrs fluffybuns, a flamboyant toaster and a soulless flower. HRMMMM.
joyfulPawbeast joyfulPawbeast Feb 04, 2016
Dude Sans really needs to understand the human race also always turn the knob on the door