Lady Maddie [Completed]

Lady Maddie [Completed]

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Steamy Regency Series BOOK ONE
Highest Rank #1 in Historical Fiction!

Lady Madeline, daughter of a Duke, has spent her entire life being raised in the country.  

The time has come for her to make her debut on society, much to her dismay.  Little did anyone know that Maddie in her sweet innocence would soon take London by storm.

Beautiful, willful and stubborn, young Maddie navigates the glittering ballrooms with ease and aplomb. However, old hurts and some new tender feelings might just keep her from finding the loving family that she has always been looking for.

After all, don't they say... All is fair in love and war.

This novel does contain some mature scenes, please use caution if under age...

spnmunchies spnmunchies Jul 05
Wait is this the first book or the Apple story? (I'm sorry I'm an actual dingus xD)
What a splendid (seems so posh, but whatever) introduction!!! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this read!!! Sorry it took me so long @cinders75 but I'm finally here and ready to dive in (and 'edit' if I still may).
                              Much love,
😂😂 YASS rip off them toenails! Ain't nobody stealing your story 😊
Taylor Swift as Juliet! Those country days I miss them. I like her this side too though she has been coloured a lot.
                              I am really liking the cast photo. I know  every one of them except for Christian. Um, would you mind telling me his real name?
bubblingirl bubblingirl Jul 01
Rip out toe nails..that sounds like the stuff of nightmares..not that am a ripper..i love to read..but woe unto the rippers..😱
Maybe I'm strange but I am very fond of brooding heroes. ☺️☺️