The New Boss [Hyungwon] [✓]

The New Boss [Hyungwon] [✓]

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❥Excuse Meeee✨ By Won_Hoe Completed

Basically you got dumped by your boyfriend. 

He cheated on you with your childhood friend. Then a guy helps you out. 

Pretty typical scenario right? 

But what happens when the guy who helps you out turns out to be your new boss? 

And he can't seem to stop bothering you?

noxh_sxn noxh_sxn Jan 23
I shouldn't laugh 
                              I'm really sorry, I indeed live this story, don't get me wrong ><
K_KpopLover K_KpopLover Feb 05
Alright. I still have Hoshi. Fyi I moved on quickly  (cause you know..them buas wrecker)
noxh_sxn noxh_sxn Jan 23
Whip the floor, whip the floor~
                              Idek, that song just came in my head save me
I just read our other fanfic where Mingyu was my little brother.
I would tell him that I knew all along and ask for a last hug. We hug and I pickpocket his wallet, keys, and phone. Karma's a biatch if you are.
I had to read the last sentence like four times before I got what it meant. I'm such an idiot! Lol 😝