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Kari By kario12 Updated Dec 02, 2016

The Eastern territory of Falu has finally been conquered. The minds of the people, warped. They live in luxury and seek passion. They murder innocence but encourage ignorance. Self-fulfillment is what they fight for, freedom is what they teach, deceit is how they succeed. It's a world of beauty and flawless art, but beneath the surface beats the heart of power and corruption. They will stop at nothing.

Fig isn't special. She doesn't possess hidden power or astounding wisdom. Yet, she's everything they are not. 




She knows nothing of the darkness pumping through the veins of the planet she inhabits. But despite this, she holds the key to its survival. When her mind is awakened to the truth, she will have to decide who can be trusted and who must be destroyed.


Massive thanks to @jgfairytales and @swpoet for putting so much time into helping me with editing and critiquing. You guys are amazing!!! I'm sending some fierce cyber hugs your way. :D

  • adventure
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  • evil
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  • fight
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  • futuristic
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  • innocent
  • mystery
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anonymouslonewolf anonymouslonewolf Nov 11, 2016
I just have to say your synopsis is near perfect...if not  little too long
humaira_azad humaira_azad Sep 23, 2016
Well, I'm willing to give it a try. But it looks really scary. xD
soupfangs soupfangs Jun 27, 2016
My attention was really captured by your cover! Did you make it? Or did someone else? I would kill for a cover like that xD
Tormentum Tormentum Oct 16, 2016
I want to read this but can't cause I'm writing something and it'll affect the story.
AustinASchulz AustinASchulz Nov 02, 2016
New to writing fantasy, huh? Welcome aboard! The synopsis gives the impression that I'm in for something unique for the genre. This should be interesting. :)
kario12 kario12 Mar 23, 2016
@PeterWoolley  Exactly! It's a lot more tedious, but very worth the effort to create a believable and flawless story.