Creepin | BxB

Creepin | BxB

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" Let's keep this on the down-low. Nobody has to know. " He cooed in my ear, pushing up on me like a dog in heat. 

" I'm quick to cut a nigga off, so don't get comfortable. " I smirked, pushing his face back with my palm.

     He continued to pursue me knowing he had a secret of his own. I liked the way he set his eyes upon me and determined he'd have me. He made me feel comfort in all areas that I'd lacked before. There was something burning in the back of my mind... was he really mines? We only spoke late night, and those conversations were brief. When he was around me he was like a kid in a candy store trying to get his hands on anything he could from me. That was until I saw him... with another. That's where his time had been going. As he secrets unfolded I realized he'd been Creepin'

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