Always (Shane Dawson X Reader)

Always (Shane Dawson X Reader)

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Cassandra Burlison By aDarkenedMind Updated May 22, 2016

*Your POV*

"Well, this is it. I'm finally 18. I'm finally able to get out of here. I've been sick of this small town scene for so long. I've always dreamed of living somewhere big and beautiful. Living on the east coast gets so boring. Let's head for the west. Here I come L.A!" You said to your best friend, Naomi.

"Hun, I know you're gonna make it wherever you go. Just please remember to pick up your damn phone when I call ok?" Naomi playfully said. You've been friends with her since you two were literally born. You wish Naomi could go with you, but you knew she would never leave her mom. You remember how her mom basically took you in when your own mom kicked you out at 15. You couldn't thank them enough, but you knew it was time to go your own way.

"(Y/N), I'm gonna miss you so much. Just please be safe?" Naomi said. "I'll be as safe as I can be. I promise."
"Oh, and I better be the first to know when you meet an L.A. boy!" You laughed at Naomi and just spent the rest of the time b...

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Love that video and how Trevor just sprays holy water constantly
jaygames518 jaygames518 Sep 14
So um there is this musical (21 chump street) yea I am kinda triggered!
jaygames518 jaygames518 Sep 14
I watch Onision from time to time. (Except those Shane vids) onision is actually kinda funny!
                              ... I HAVE SO MANY GAY QUEEN
There's a popular girl in my school named Naomi 😒she's fake as hell
AGREED! There are some pretty places on the East Coast but I wanna go to the West Coast for a bit