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I'm Special & Rejected

I'm Special & Rejected

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SexyBitch99 By SexyBitch99 Updated Nov 27, 2013

Safora has had a rough life, even tho she's an Alpha's daughter, she was still treated like, . . . No, . . . WORSE, . . . Than an Omega, everyone, . . . but her dad, . . . HATE her for something that she had no control over! Rejected by her mate, and she'd had enough. She runs, but she'll be back, FOR REVENGE!!!

twilight532205 twilight532205 Nov 21, 2016
It was not her fault at all she was trying to help her mother not kill her.
infintyhybrid11 infintyhybrid11 Feb 25, 2016
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zmans03 zmans03 Jun 12, 2016
Her mate and if that waz me then I would jst walk away and ignore it
xXUniqueSecretsXx xXUniqueSecretsXx Oct 20, 2014
Unconditionally from Katy Perry! No-one? Ok then... *Goes away and cries in a hole*
xoxRed_Rosexox xoxRed_Rosexox Jul 20, 2014
I dont see why she just tell those ppl to screw off. She has more power than them! shes an alphas daughter! !!! if I was her I would have beat the $hit outa them like they did to me. BUT 100×
SamaAlFayez SamaAlFayez Mar 12, 2014
she's stronger than them she has alpha blood in her for crying out loud she kill them all nd not break a sweat