#sleepisforlosers 수면은패자입니다(Yoonmin fanfic)(Mpreg)

#sleepisforlosers 수면은패자입니다(Yoonmin fanfic)(Mpreg)

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Lee Rin(Yoonmin321)(I'M BACK) By Yoonmin321 Completed

Yoonmin fanfic in text for and some without.

One boy named, Park Jimin with the username "Jiminie" posts about how he can't sleep at all

Another boy, Min Yoongi with the username "Swaegmin"sees the post and does something about it right away

Yoongi loves sleep so much that he just had to.

The two become friends but it seems like they each want something more.

What will happen with them?

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I actually don't get it but maybe it's like masturbating or smth
Swimfan99 Swimfan99 Mar 15
When I first got into BTS I honestly thought Jimin was a girl he's so pretty (BS&T) is the first video I saw
                              I just wanted to know the names of the members from BTS and I was dragged into the fandom.
                              But it was the best thing that ever happened to me
chimcavc chimcavc Jan 21
me asking my friends about bts but ending up being dragged into the fandom anyway
GKL43408 GKL43408 Jan 28
My friend still won’t believe me when I say they’re not girls -.-
Everyone (all of my friends and family) say that and I’m like -_-