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Zora: The Veil

Zora: The Veil

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Laia L.K. By Laia233 Updated May 06

|| ON HOLD ||

Emily Salem's mind was once plagued by nightmares every time she fell asleep. 
She dreamed of creatures whose veins dripped honey instead of blood, gypsies with the future on the tip of their tongues, and girls whose tears were thicker than blood. The catch? She doesn't remember them.
After a series of unnerving events, something inside her is triggered. Visions of abandoned fun parks and a hidden room ignite a fire within her, scorching her defenses until she is left unguarded from the monsters that try to tiptoe inside her dreams. 
Memories she didn't know she had are unlocked, marking her as something that might just be her ticket to madness. 
She plummets into a world riddled with magic and danger. The sky is but a thin veil that can change at any given moment. There are demons roaming the streets and drainers hiding behind closed doors. Drifters lose control and the dead find theirs. Nightcrawlers sink their claws in defenseless people that get tangled in their web of nightmares. And Dreamweavers push them right in. 
In the Dreamworld only the strongest and most vicious prevail. And maybe Emily's morals won't be the only things that change along the way.
#346 in Fantasy [11/08/16] 
  *cover by the incredibly talented @XantheRowd

celtorrez celtorrez Apr 11
This was such a great start. Im already wanting more, this is how a prologue should be, hooked me in just like that.
Everyone's said what I was going to say^^ This prologue is absolutely beautiful. You're making things come to life. I'm this character's emotions. Props to you
All of your descriptions are very special. Surprise me every time, especially since I've never been good at them
I don't think it needs to be fixed. I think it's a perfect way to bring in the character's looks. But that's just my opinion
You still haven't gotten to the whole "shoots" thing, which is understandable seeing as I'm sure you have plenty of editing to do to try and make your amazing story even more amazing c; Just try not to forget!
I love this. It really does portray the fact that she knows what she wants, but at the same time, she doesn't