"I'm Levi's" (Ereri/Riren)

"I'm Levi's" (Ereri/Riren)

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Eren Yeager is bae By kawaii-eren Updated Sep 10


Eren has a crush on Levi and even confessed to him, but Levi only agreed on being fuck buddies. Eren was okay with that, as long as he would stay by the raven's side. But how long can he endure this one-sided love?


[Erotica Eren/Levi fanfiction with a plot that unfolds after the first few chapters]

Cover was made and edited by me.

I actually feel sad that Eren was rejected but only has to be sex partners I once confessed to someone but guess what rejected *chugs apple juice*
naeeewrites naeeewrites Sep 06
Is it hot in here or is it just Levi......ahem , I mean Eren. WAIT, I MEAN ERERI. FCK ... I MEAN ME....or do I?
I have no idea how but I read this as "killing me softly with your song" like jfc I need to eat more and catch up on my sleep because it seems rarely eating and sleeping is really affecting me
Everyone says this story is good so hello first time reader here
maijahh maijahh Sep 09
i'm gonna ruin the love for collarbones and say that whenever i touch my collarbones i cringe & grimace & i just feel like i'm gonna vomit LOL
I just flipping love how everyone is like this word is me, this word is school and everything and I am here..
                              Just like you all