Sasuke's Twin

Sasuke's Twin

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animeotaku7739 By animeotaku7739 Updated Jun 15, 2017

My name is Yuni Uchiha and I am Sasuke's twin sister. We have been together since birth and are still together now. Even though big brother Itachi Onii-san massacred our clan I still can't bring myself to hate him. Even though everyone else is gone at least I still have Sasuke-nii with me. Follow me on my shinobi journey. 

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Majestyelfe21 Majestyelfe21 Mar 23, 2017
fangirls are not the most terrifying things....WEEABOOS are the most horrifying (shivers)
ImMyOwnWorstEnemy ImMyOwnWorstEnemy Oct 11, 2017
Yuni: I have a chronic fear of flashbacks.
                              Sasuke: how did you find out???
                              Yuni: well, it all started when- ahhhhohmakamehwe're allgondie!!!!!
LunerReaper LunerReaper Jul 12, 2017
I totally agree with you pockys are amazing I get my parents to buy them whenever they go to the base the Naval Base God strawberry is amazing there's a mall near my house and it has a Japanese store and they have a ton of pockys in different flavors and huge boxes of pockys as well like big
That1Drawer That1Drawer Apr 07, 2017
I think Natsu watched Naruto before because he doesn't use doors either.
Yukikora Yukikora Jul 13, 2016
The covering was useless... She is a girl... And I think she knows how she looks naked..
iamsnazzytrash iamsnazzytrash Feb 12, 2017
No I heard a horror story like this and one sister mysteriously died and the other was like "she died, I am free" over and over