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Remember me Kalos Queen? (AmourShipping) (Major Editing)

Remember me Kalos Queen? (AmourShipping) (Major Editing)

29.4K Reads 738 Votes 28 Part Story
Lilly ^.^ By I_LOVE_AMOURSHIPPING Completed

Sixteen year old Serena Yovonne has finally achieved her dream of becoming Kalos Queen but when Ash finally wins the Kalos league things begin to change. While Ash wants to Serena to come with him to the Cordellica region so he can challenge the battle brigade; which is the final step for him to become a Pokemon master; Serena wants to stay in Kalos and keep up with the busy schedules and demands that come with being Kalos Queen. Ash and Serena get into a huge fight. Ash looses his temper and tells Serena that he hates her. Serena runs into the woods so she can think but she runs into Team Flare's leader Lysandre and he's after Serena. In an attempt to runaway Serena trips down the stairs and hits her head on on the steps and it causes amnesia. Ash tries to help Serena get her memories back while trying to figure out what Team Flare wants with her.

zodiacglade zodiacglade Aug 11, 2016
This really kills me inside. Not only did she forget Ash and everyone, but her dreams. 😭
fennekinamour fennekinamour Sep 09, 2016
Wait... thats true! Maybe Grace is divorced. Someone write a fanfiction on that
-Starlit_Sky- -Starlit_Sky- May 05, 2016
Prologue is okay, but it feels rushed. I do notice some grammatical mistakes and the way you space your paragraphs can be improved on as well. Otherwise, I shall continue to read this.
-Starlit_Sky- -Starlit_Sky- May 05, 2016
Those are... some things that I think she'd find out later, but who am I to judge?