Forbidden *BEING EDITED*

Forbidden *BEING EDITED*

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Angela "Nikki Nicole" Brown: I never liked the way I looked.Even after boys in my class smack my fat ass. I never liked my chinky eyes, my fat thighs carrying my huge ass, my gigantic double d breast. Most of the girls would say I was blessed with these assets, then turn around and hate on me to the next chick. I bared it as a curse. That was until Mr. Johnson my chemistry teacher, came along and made me feel beautiful & worthy. He was the one all the girls fantasized about when they tickled their pink pearls. All the girls got jealous when they started to noticed that he payed extra attention to me after class hours. Now I got to find a way to make it in the most FORBIDDEN Territory of a sixteen year old girl.

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Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Jun 08, 2016
I would hate chemistry and the hoe got her ass whooped and damn Michael Ealy is fine
KweenOf_TheNight KweenOf_TheNight Aug 02, 2015
yo behind knew better, forbidden fruit is only meant to be admired from afar, hint hint adam and eve
Cortney668 Cortney668 May 29, 2015
The actor Michael ealy think that's his last name...he has blue eyes
HoneyEssence HoneyEssence Jul 21, 2013
@Yeah_thats_Demiraa girl yes! And it was Jennifer ass who got whooped not Angela lol
Yeah_thats_Demiraa Yeah_thats_Demiraa Jul 21, 2013
I LOVE this so far. Angela needed that ass whoppin. Ha ass is too messy. Lmfao, how you gone throw the first hit and get ya ass beat!? The fuckery. But Mr. Johnson 
                               sexy as hell!!!! I can't wait to see what happens between him and Angela. Ok let me go read tha next chapter >>>>>>>
HoneyEssence HoneyEssence Jul 14, 2013
@readinbooks2 yay! I'm glad u like it so far!
                              @lindaverji I have a pic for teacher at the right