Dear Diary || Kim Jongdae

Dear Diary || Kim Jongdae

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In which most of her days, the pages were filled with a classmate named Kim Jongdae.

| College AU ; Short chapters ; written like diary entries |

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springweek springweek May 16
I want my hand writing to be as beautiful as yours, pls God.
That is some nice handwriting! My handwriting looks like crap compared to this 😂
springweek springweek May 16
Everyone is my bias wrecker from exo so I just don't pick a bias. It's hard.
-kyungsoul -kyungsoul Apr 03, 2016
<3333 his smile is just uhhg i swear ... this is why i legit can't pick or be loyal to anyone
-kingdom -kingdom Aug 11, 2016
This so me I always get interested in people who seem to have the same interests as me