His Second Bride Her Second Love

His Second Bride Her Second Love

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"I am giving you this job out of pity, person like you doesn't even deserve to stand here in my company." He spat.

"And you don't deserve to be anyone's husband at all, leave alone my sister's." I said angrily.

"Don't bring her in between!"

"Did you ever loved her?Have you ever loved anyone other than yourself."

"JUST SHUT UP!" he yelled.

He was scaring me but I was not going to back down without a fight.He needed to hear me out, needed to know he couldn't do whatever he pleases, that he isn't some king or god and people will listen to him. 

"You're the reason she's not with me anymore,the reason she's DEAD." I said.

"Will you shut up!" he shouted.

"You're the reason she.." He cut me off harshly. 

"GET OUT!" He shouted. 

Meet Sarah, a sweet, sassy and kind twenty four year old girl, freshly out of college. She needs a job desperately and will do anything to get one even work for the man whom she hates the most- Rickkard Stone, CEO of Stone Enterprises. 

Rickkard Stone is a self-reserved, arrogant ladies man. He's only business and calls relationship a stupid waste of time. But there are more layers to his personality than anyone can imagine. 

What happens when fate thrusts these two opposite individuals together. Will they able to get past over the hate and accept the attraction, the sparks. And will the sparks limit itself there or will it grow into a blazing fire? 

Join in their journey and see what they offer each other. 

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teddylily teddylily Jan 11
The portrayal of bad people as gray not as as completely black is amazing. Love how u just dont make them completely bad.
sharminnaz sharminnaz Jan 06
So good.even after they betrayed her she wished well for them.
Kiri16Rojas Kiri16Rojas 21 hours ago
I finally started reading it I'll try my best to give some good feedback
sharminnaz sharminnaz Jan 06
Like what??no sense of regret and again answering back sarah.
AriadnaFalcon3 AriadnaFalcon3 6 days ago
it's really interesting and the fact that it's just the beginning!
sharminnaz sharminnaz Jan 06
A stranger can be much better to at least having some sense of humanity unlike these apalling creatures.