I Wish You Were Mine (Holding Onto DEEN - Halal Way)

I Wish You Were Mine (Holding Onto DEEN - Halal Way)

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Masira Syed By learning_muslimah Updated Mar 17, 2017

Bismillah ar-rahman ar-Raheem

Never think you can choose someone better than he can 
(Yasmin Mogahed)


A girl not believing in love due to a mini heart break ? Nay 

A girl who believed in love ,happiness and blessings of Allah in that love 

A guy well mannered , good hearted struggling in this world of fitnah to stay firm on the right path and achieve the pleasure of the Almighty,Allah

Where did they got connected from ? 

Well , when Allah have willed something for someone then whatever is meant for them will always find it's path .

Abrar Khan , a 21 year old Muslim guy , Rich , Handsome and Generous . A guy who tries his best to follow Islamic teachings .

Sehar Ali Khan , a 20 year girl who is a college going girl , she have got amazing family and friends around her and lives her life to the fullest but under the limits of Islam .

This story is all about them and their efforts to achieve their love in a halal way .

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LiveLikeATraveller LiveLikeATraveller Mar 15, 2017
Walaikum Assalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu! I am your new reader! Looking forward to read this book! 😍😍
BeautifulMuslimah BeautifulMuslimah Jul 25, 2017
Wa Alaykum Salams ❤️ and Ameen 🙏🏼, Just ran into your story and can't wait to read it In Sha Allah 😊.
OwnerOfTajMahal OwnerOfTajMahal May 15, 2016
the best bout islamic stories is that u get to know so amazing names..!!
samiabintimtiaz samiabintimtiaz Feb 04, 2016
                              Sounds intersting one..good going sweetie..
                              May Allah bless you..
snowangel26 snowangel26 Mar 13, 2016
Really it's appreciable if guys are like him...May Allah grant us proper partners...
rukshar_12 rukshar_12 Sep 24, 2016
Hamza is sehars older brother right how come he became younger? Confusion 😓