The Adventures Of Team SFBY

The Adventures Of Team SFBY

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Sinero Tokugawa. "Human". Married to Winter Schnee till she got KIA... Weapon: Sin's Talon, A Greatsword that turns into a Heavy Machine Gun. Leader of Team SFBY. Loves Yang. 18 years old

Fytar Fygro. "Augmented Human". Young boy taken as an experiment of Atlas and taken in by the Schnee Family. Had Winter as his role model. Weapon: Breaker Blade, a huge Sword. Loves Blake. 16 years old

Blake Belladonna, Cat Faunus. Weapon: Gambol Shroud. Wears a little black bow on her head. Loves Fytar. 17 years old

Yang Xiao Long. Human. Weapon: Ember Celica, Fighting Gauntlets/Ranged Shotguns. Loves Sinero. 17 years old

This is a story about my two OC/Canon ships called Burning Blade (Sinero and Yang) and Lunatic Night (Fytar and Blake)

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