The Love Game // A Laurmau FF #Wattys2016

The Love Game // A Laurmau FF #Wattys2016

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indefinite hiatus By Dat_AnimeFanatic Updated May 29

"Let's play a game, Ms. Phoenix. 
100 days. First one to fall in love with the other, loses"


Aphie Maureen Phoenix, preferably, Aphmau. Senior at Trost High Smart, Rich, President of the book club and most of all, the expected Valedictorian of their batch. 

Total Geek.

Laurence Ace Meteli. Senior at Trost High. Rebel, Class bunker, Campus Price, most of all, the expected Repeater of their batch.

Total Hottie.

Make their paths intertwine and set a game.

First one to fall in love, loses.

What if one already fell in love with the other but denies it?

After all, it can be more than just a Love Game.

All characters belong to Aphmau except for the original characters.
Inspired by "She's in love with a Geek" by notjustarandomgirl and "Our Times" A Taiwanese 2015 romance film.
Cover by the awesome, @Infinite_Midnight ;3

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emilylooloo emilylooloo Apr 17
I made a one shot about it but told them to read this book at the top...
                              Bruh! You ain't a crappy writer bro. People love this book even me.
Hey Jersey! This is NOT a bad book, I mean I honestly think this is the BEST BOOK that ever existed in the whole Aphmau Fandom. You're a great author! Hope you continue writing more books! Trust me, you're amazing
ive read this so many times and it never got old and it still gets me to this day. time to read it again!
Crappy writing? U serious bruh?!! Is this the right book your saying this because I cried during the ending! And about 5 times during the book so I don't know what the heck you've been reading gurl! I couldn't write this good if I took a 100 year writing class!
ElsieStars ElsieStars May 19
Don't say your writings skills are horrible . Really, I like the story plot and everything. I was moved by your story, especially at the ending.  You're really awesome Author~san. So keep up the good work!