The One | The One-Hundred Series  | Book 5

The One | The One-Hundred Series | Book 5

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K. Weikel By renesmeewolfe Completed

All Ones are evil. 

Cressa-la thought she was an exception, but as a mysterious fog settles onto the island, taking everyone's powers but hers, she realizes the darkness that hunted her four years ago has rooted itself deep inside her. Until she can learn to control it or get rid of it, she isn't allowed to set foot back onto the island. 

With her body breaking down at a molecular level and a new enemy on the horizon, can she make it back to her island to save it - before she drops dead?


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Books in series order:

1. The One-Hundred 
2. Untouched Water (Alternate Version)
3. Tamir (Prequel)
3.5. Dametria (Short Story)
4. Damian's Deeds 
5. The One
5.5. The Deal (Novella)
6. Human 

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