How To Scare A Hitachiin(OHSHC Fanfic)[#210 IN FANFICTION]

How To Scare A Hitachiin(OHSHC Fanfic)[#210 IN FANFICTION]

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Ya boi(?) Adrien By MyOcsAreEverywhere Updated Oct 09, 2017

How do you scare the Hitachiin Brothers? Well that's simple. You just make their older sister angry with them.

Nogiku Hitachiin is the oldest of the Hitachiin siblings, and loves pranks. But unlike them, she never went into her own little world. The fact she is a whole year older than them might have something to do with it. 

Nogiku transfers to Ouran Academy after a year and a half of attending Lobelia so she can get away from what she calls, "The Creepy Lesbians". Plus, she wants to look out for her little bros. 

When she learns that her brothers are part of the Host Club, Nogiku immediately wants to join. She becomes part of the brotherly love package, but in a protective older sister kind of way. The girls go crazy for it, boosting profit like crazy. 

But some unexpected events can cause it all to come crashing down, perhaps taking lives with it. 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ouran Highschool Host Club. It belongs to Bones, Funimation, and Bisco Hitori. I only own my OCs and this plot.

Credit to SassyReads for the amazing new cover!! Her graphics are amazing!!

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Lady_Cliffhanger Lady_Cliffhanger Sep 30, 2017
I feel like I’m the only one here that doesn’t think that the dresses are totally disgusting
cali2point0 cali2point0 Nov 13, 2017
I walked in onto my twin brother once while he was changing....Luckily he had his pants on but Jeez I didn’t know he was ripped he’s getting better abs than me but I’m still stronger than him so I’m happy
ROCKainsLEE ROCKainsLEE Sep 27, 2017
Can I kill Benibara? She deserves it. Haruhi knew what she wanted at Ouran. Benibara knew that and still kidnapped her. Pleez!!! I've got a knife ready! 
GhostlyGirlZP14 GhostlyGirlZP14 Aug 08, 2017
Ooh.ooohoho..ooohh she burn them good it's the Roast Club now
GhostlyGirlZP14 GhostlyGirlZP14 Aug 07, 2017
Eeeeeyyyyy I've never seen that word in any story before coool
Kai-Rie Kai-Rie Sep 26, 2017
Heh the hat club it's when you where a squid hat and act like tamaki