daddy † lashton

daddy † lashton

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˗ˏˋ kaiˎˊ˗ By bottombby Updated Sep 21, 2016

"whatcha doing in the playroom baby?"

"thinkin' bout daddy"

† † † † † †

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(( that means stop stealing my stories you hoecakes))

Yes my beautiful children, flock to the other innocent fics so you stay pure and uncorrupted my smut. Tho i doubt there are innocents left.😂
poutyoongi poutyoongi Apr 28, 2016
sorry but hetero books are way less interesting than boyxboy hehe
-thewaitingroom -thewaitingroom May 12, 2016
theres a band called this. (literally the symbols) theyre a good band.
omojichu omojichu Aug 04, 2016
im straight but i only have like three hetero books and then the rest are just boyxboy (58 stories omf)
abbybX3 abbybX3 Feb 09, 2016
Alskdjfhg asdfghjkl homygawd seosjfosnxidheldneisncnalskeocn I love you so much for writing this story 😱:)
driftedships driftedships May 22, 2016
tbh im straight but half of my library contains boyxboy stories. hetero books are weird for me nowadays 😂😂