Academy of Secrets (original version)

Academy of Secrets (original version)

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theflores By theflores Completed

ORIGINAL DRAFT OF STORY some sections may be off due to erratic editing. Sorry if there's any confusion.

*PG-13 for language and violence!*

Six. Six aspects of energy. Six humans to host them. Fourteen-year-old Allison Trenbalm is one of these six special humans. In the year 2295, a world of alien immigration, advanced technology, and a new world government, she is whisked away to the Academy for the Regulars and All Those Otherwise as a result of this energy. With adjusting to academy life, learning to control her power, a creature roaming the station, and the impending opening of the Havoc Rift, Allison and these other special humans have a lot on their plate. Six humans must control their power. Six humans must close the rift.

  • abilities
  • academy
  • advanced
  • aliens
  • cities
  • cyborgs
  • energy
  • extra-terrestrials
  • fantasy
  • future
  • futuristic
  • havoc
  • humor
  • powers
  • rift
  • robots
  • spaceships
  • technology
  • teens
Magnesia_W Magnesia_W Nov 29, 2013
Interesting start. I suppose the way you have created the 'world' is the best aspect of the story and i suppose must have been the hardest too. Also, you have managed to maintain the consistency and flow throughout this chapter. So overall, great work! Voted :)
obsessedforever obsessedforever Nov 03, 2013
Woah when I read this it totally transported me into a different dimension. Is this your first story because it is awsome
jcburnham jcburnham Oct 27, 2013
Intriguing. You do a great job of creating that "other-world" feel.
maddie131 maddie131 Oct 27, 2013
This is such a great start! I love the description and I know that I will keep reading. Silent readers are insanely stupid, especially when it comes to a story like this. You're doing great!
Shazza1999 Shazza1999 Oct 04, 2013
This is so good! Reminds me of "I am number 4" by pittacus lore, I recommend people read that and watch the movie if they like this genre of writing. Overall great start but I agree with @DiverseFiction, about the wordy thing in the first paragraph, but it's gotten me hooked already ;)
JannaPervaiz JannaPervaiz Sep 28, 2013
Sorry I'm just reading this now, but I really should have done so earlier! This story is so unique and soooo much has happened in the first two pages i just have to keep going! A few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing serious. 
                              Keep going!!
                              Ps. That's a vote and a follow from me!!