Leather Jackets and Flower Crowns

Leather Jackets and Flower Crowns

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❆lauren❆ By squareflakemaker Updated 5 days ago

Phil is the bad-ass kid always wearing leather jackets and he rides a motorcycle to school every day. Dan, Phil's next-door neighbor, is the school's pastel kid, who always wears bright colors and flower crowns. One day, Dan needs a ride, and Phil gives him one. 

Warnings: strong language, other possible warnings will be listed at the top of chapters. 
Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil high school AU. 

Special thanks to @IWannaSeeChuSmileR5 for making such a beautiful cover! Go follow her x

Omg, just randomly, you're so nicely telling people how to do these little things in case they don't know, and I don't know why, but I just find it so adorable, like no one has ever really done it before, that I've seen, but it's so helpful if someone does need help!
Fish_llama Fish_llama Jul 07
That's y there's a thing called 'The Phandom'
                              For us ppl who are obsessed with the British Boys known as Dan and Phil. :)
I wake up to dan screaming at me thigh my phone which results me to having a hreart attack I cant relate
OK but is no one going to talk about how adorable they look in the picture ,,,tf
He would fail at STRAIGHTENING his hair. Sorry I'll take any gay joke I can get😶...